Beim Stromer ST3 heißt das: fette Reifen, Starrgabel in Rahmenfarbe, sportlich abfallendes Oberrohr, mächtige, tiefschwarze Spritzschützer und natürlich das typische Stromer LED-U im Steuerrohr. Die Eidgenossen konstruieren so viel wie möglich selbst, vieles mehr wird exklusiv für Stromer entwickelt: der Hecknabenmotor, die Bremsen und die Pirelli-Reifen etwa.


STROMER ST3- informatie over de Stromer ST3. Veelgestelde vragen, informatie. Vernieuwde 27.5 inch wielen en de krachtige SYNO Drive II motor.

618 — 1 ST1 Deep Red Sport L kSWA Konfig. 983 — 1 Stromer ST3, size Large, Deep Black, BQ618, demo bike with Kinekt Seatpost $ 7,499.00 $ 5,549.00. Commuting for the experienced rider. The extraordinarily dynamic S-Pedelec for daily use with customizable riding position and smart extras for stylish, efficient mobility in commuter traffic. The secret behind the power of the Stromer ST3 is the SYNO Drive II rear wheel drive with 820W of power and 44Nm of torque, plus a range of up to 150 comfortable kilometres..

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Can your commute be quality time? Yes! Find your Stromer bike now in our model overview: Stromer ST5, Stromer ST3, Stromer ST1, Stromer ST1 X and more! The Stromer ST3 is the latest in electric bike technology, challenging the way we commute and pushing the boundaries of what can be considered an ebike. Building on the hugely popular ST2 platform, the ST3 features new custom developed pirelli tyres and a more powerful SYNO Drive II motor, delivering a huge 820W of power and 44Nm of Torque. Stromer ST3 Bike Test Stromer was founded in 2009 by Thomas Binggeli in Switzerland. The company opened its headquarters in Oberwangen, near Bern, and the entire facility’s energy is provided by solar cells. In fact, every battery that ships with one of their bikes is charged first by solar-derived energy.


Stromer ST3 Vit, Storlek L. 45 000 kr. Stockholms stad. Visa Tweets om #stromer på Twitter. Se vad folk pratar om och Bädda in tweet.

Tommy bespreekt in deze video de nieuwe Stromer ST3. De Stromer ST3 is de opvolger van de Stromer ST2. Wat zijn de verschillen tussen een Stromer ST3 en een

Stromer st3

The outstanding grip of the Cycl-e ST tires from Pirelli, the specially designed LED front light with headlamp function or the Stromer brake system with four pistons at the front wheel and two pistons at the rear wheel ensure this high level of safety. Stromer ST3 or Stromer ST5? January 29, 2019. How much better are the new Stromers? We love our Stromer electric bikes. I take mine down and up the Florida Canyon, through Balboa Park and on our busy San Diego streets. This video overviews the accessories I have bought for my 2019 Stromer ST3: Details for each accessory is listed below so you can do your own investigation a For the ST3, in addition to the Sport and Comfort frame in various sizes we have also developed two different stems (Urban and Urban Comfort) and three different handlebars. You can freely combine these components so that you can enjoy the unique Stromer riding experience in a sitting position that is perfect for your body size.

Learn more on this page or stop by to see this bike in person in San Diego, California. 2020-01-24 Tommy bespreekt in deze video de nieuwe Stromer ST3. De Stromer ST3 is de opvolger van de Stromer ST2. Wat zijn de verschillen tussen een Stromer ST3 en een The Stromer ST3 blends riding fun with meticulously considered city competence. Sprint or long distance, the Stromer has impressive endurance. The ST3 has a puristic look with smoothly integrated. This electric bike has a triple anti-theft protection provided by its intelligent connectivity. 2020-03-22 ST3’s frame geometry is ideal for commuters: The short chainstays, short wheelbase, and low bottom bracket are adapted to the 27.5-inch wheels which will give it a smooth ride. But safety always comes first in Stromer’s S-class pedal-assist e-bikes.
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Stromer st3

Hop on, pedal, glide – dynamic, powerful and silent. That’s how you drive to work these days. It’s what the ST3 is made for. RIDING WITH A SAFE FEELING .

Daarom men vraag of iemand een gelijkaardig probleem ondervonden heeft. 2)Indien ik in ondersteuning 3 snel wil optrekken van 15 à 25 km naar boven de 40, twijfelt de motor om ondersteuning te geven. De nieuwe ST3 is de opvolger van de ST2. Krachtiger dan zijn voorganger en uitgevoerd met 27,5" wielen. De Pirelli banden zorgen voor de unieke wegligging van de Stromer ST3. De Stromer ST3 heeft een vernieuwde SYNO Drive II REA motor.
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Stromer ST3: Elegant Commuting. De Stromer ST3 is de lang verwachte opvolger van de veel geprezen ST2. Grotere wielen, dikkere banden en een extra comfortabele geometrie zorgen voor extra rijplezier!

Stromer ST3 Vit, Storlek L. Lidingö. 27 nov. 02:13. Stromer ST3 Vit, Storlek L. 45 000 kr.

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Stromer ST3 AE $ 7,499.00. Available on backorder. Stromer ST3 AE quantity

Short chain stays, short wheelbase, low bottom bracket: all this and more makes the ST3’s frame geometry ideal for the needs of commuters and perfectly matched to the eBike’s 27.5” wheels. Despite its comfortable running smoothness, the ST3 is therefore extremely nimble – a must in busy city traffic. Stromer is an established brand dating back to 2009 with global distribution, the ST2 received a Eurobike Gold award, Red Dot Quality Seal award, two Testsieger awards, an Outside magazine award, a Taipei Cycle show award and an iF design award and the ST5 and ST3 share many design features. Stromer OMNI: Wordt onafscheidelijk met uw ST3. Accustand, snelheid, gereden kilometers, huidige positie – uw speed pedelec vertelt u via 3G, wat u wilt weten. Ook op uw smartphone. Stromer liefert mit dem ST3 ein S-Pedelec mit einigem an Hightech. Es muss aber nicht immer Raketengeschwindigkeit sein: Das ST3 kann sich auch ganz zahm geben, am liebsten ist es aber mit ordentlich Tempo unterwegs.